At times Vintage Voices performs in the background to enhance the ambience and entertain the guests at Victorian period venues and events. We bring energy and elegance to any celebration!


were popular entertainment in their day, sung in public and private throughout the land. They are part of the soundtrack of 19th-century America. With live performances of this music, Vintage Voices transports audiences to a late Victorian parlor for a highly enjoyable, creatively staged concert.

    We make the 19th century come alive.

    Book us for a concert...

    ...or for your Victorian-themed event.


    In period evening dress, the three classically trained singers of Vintage Voices and their accompanist perform music you might have found on your great-great-grandmother’s piano circa 1890. From the sparkling gaiety of “Vive La Compagnie” to the martial gravity of “Star of Liberty” ; from Stephen Foster’s simple melodies to the urbane satires of Gilbert and Sullivan: These pieces

“You’re in for a real treat if you can book this group! It was one of the most delightful programs we’ve had in years! I highly recommend them for their talents, their versatility, their costumes and scene-setting, and also their humor. They even brought printed programs for the audience--just like a real theater! Attendees urged us to have them back again next year.”

               --Cathleen C. Beaudoin, Director

               Dover Public Library, Dover, NH